In 2009, Tim and Louise Cocking established Bright Care inspired, in part, by the successes and failures of a family journey in providing care for a much loved elderly family member.

The vision was to create a solution to the ultimate dream: that with the right foundations and resources in place, every elderly person can live out their later years, with dignity, security and companionship, in the comfort of their own homes.

It was decided that Bright Care would commit to uniquely working alongside sons and daughters in the care of their parents, alleviating the complexities and  frustrations associated with getting care right for their loved ones through delivering a premium and fully-managed care at home solution.

Tim and Louise know that getting care right for families ultimately starts with creating and nurturing an exemplary culture within the business. They find joy and purpose in working alongside colleagues that give the very best of themselves bring out the very best in others. Their desire is that every single member of the team, no matter their role, is able to play to their strengths every day, continually learning, growing and bettering themselves within an organisation where they truly feel like part of a family.

10 years on Bright Care has firmly established itself as one of the top providers of exclusive and privately funded care at home.

Alongside the privilege of leading Bright Care on its exciting journey, Tim and Louise, also have the joy of being parents to three young children.

264 High Street, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 8RT