Curry Inn 84 has been running since August 1984 and has the same family recipe and we are creating new ideas. The cuisine of South Asia is explored by our chefs, allowing you to experience tastes and techniques covering thousands of miles, resulting from years of perfecting. The exquisite flavors of our creations have been attained through the use of carefully sourced ingredients and classic cooking techniques. Both traditional styles of cooking and creative flair are celebrated within our menu allowing us to offer time-honoured dishes to satisfy and innovative meals.

Our chefs have drawn from their clever passion for food to create several contemporary and quite simple, delectable dishes, ensuring the menu is Curry Inn 84 a culinary triumph.
Be a guest at Curry Inn 84. Relax, entertain, or simply enjoy whilst our intuitively attentive staff enhance the dining experience.

214-216 High St, The Common, Cranleigh GU6 8RL